Filming – Day One

Today was a productive day. I spent the morning clearing the immediate items off of my desk. I accompanied one half of our 5th Graders on their filming day. Today’s group is responsible for telling the story of Little India. There were no major technical difficulties, so I was able to shadow two groups of students. One group was trying to tell the story of variety of dialects in language and filmed a number of small book stores which carried books in a variety of languages. The second group of students is responsible for telling the story of immigrants. Both groups of students conducted well thought out interviews. It is really amazing what they can do when given the time and the tools.

When I returned, there were not many fires to put out and I was able to conduct a few planning meetings, follow up on the status of our course registration materials for those who are late, and reviewed our yearbook billing.

Tomorrow, I hope that the weather holds out for my trip with the second group to Chinatown.

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