New Google Calendar Feature – Sports Schedules

As I was reviewing my Google calendar this morning, I noticed a link at the top announcing: New: Sports Calendars As a sports fan, I was intrigued. Clicking on the link, I found that I could access calendars for baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, rugby, and soccer. Selecting these links, I found not only did they include the US based leagues, but included leagues from around the world. From their, you can choose your favorite team. Going back to my Google for Education calendar, I clicked on the link to add calendars selecting the browse interesting calendars choice. Yup, there […]

danah boyd presentation will be posted

Yesterday, danah boyd presented on Youth Culture and Social Media – What Every Parent Should Know. I was fortunate enough to record and get permission from danah to post the audio from the presentation. I will be editing the audio and posting within the next few weeks along with my reflections on the presentation