On Demand PD – Technology Resolutions

In order to beat the Winter Blahs, the Library and Technology Staff challenged the faculty and staff to set a personal technology learning goal. We emailed the following to members of our school community: Make and Keep a Technology New Year’s Resolution New Year’s Day is a great time to set new goals and start creating new habits. Did you set a personal technology learning goal for the New Year? Did you receive a new camera for the holidays and you need to learn how to download or edit the pictures? Is there a technology topic, such as setting up […]

When you Know That People are Listening

I have had three experiences over the past three days that drives home the fact that change is slow and that even though teachers may not let on, they are listening all of the time. These experiences are: Our Model UN club was having a training session on Saturday. During this session, they were instructing the delegates who were going to the Chicago Model UN on how to use Google Docs Word Processing to collaborate on the resolutions that they will be creating during this event. My daughter, who is one of the delegates informs me that she will need […]

Living and Learning with New Media Report Released

The Digital Youth Research (digitalyouth.ischool.berkeley.edu) group, a group of USC and Cal-Berkeley reseachers working with a MacArthur Foundation Grant, released their Living and Learning with New Media report. Included with in the release was a two page summary of their findings, a white paper report prepared for the MacArthur Foundation, and an online book (chapter by chapter links). The introduction to the white paper states: Digital media and online communication have become pervasive in the lives of youth in the United States. Social network sites, online games, video-sharing sites, and gadgets such as iPods and mobile phones are now fixtures […]

K12 Online Conference Starts Today

One of the most transformative conferences for me, over the past two years, is the K12 Online Conference (k12onlineconference.org). It began last Monday, with the posting of the Stephen Heppell’s keynote conversation, “It isn’t the 20th Century Anymore, So Why Should We Teach Like As Though it Was“.  Some of you heard refered to as working with the OWPP on their school design project, during our North Shore Educational Summit. Today and for each of the next nine school days, four presentations will be posted online for your viewing. The conference conveners have made the presentations available in audio only, […]