My Take Aways from Inventing New Boundaries

On Monday morning, the K12 Online conference released its pre-conference keynote “presentation“. This year, David Warlick presented Inventing New Boundaries. Here are my take aways from this presentation. 1. David changed the metaphor from the railway to the airport This is an apt switch, since teachers need to switch their role in the classroom from that of a railroad engineer, pulling the students along a common path, with some excursions down the side rails, all together to that of the teacher as a air traffic controller. Each student is like their own airplane, with their own flight plan. The teacher […]

K12 Online Keynote – Audio vs. Video

Like many of you on Monday morning, I opened up my web browser and pointed it two the K12 Online Conference Blog so that I could download the Pre-Conference Keynote by David Warlick. One of the changes in this year’s conference, which Wes Fryer notes in his blog post, Inventing New Boundaries, is the presence of both audio and video content feeds for the conference. I have now listened to Warlick’s audio feed nearly twice over and watched the video feed once last night. Something that I have noticed is that the experiences are vastly different. The same way that […]

I have been tagged – K12 Online Conference Meme

I have been tagged by Lani Ritter-Hall for the K12 Online Conference Blog Meme. What is a blog meme? The Daily Meme provides a definition which accurately describes my understanding of the concept: People often ask, “What is a Meme?” so here’s a more than a little information on that. I pronounce it so it’s rhymes with ‘dream’; some pronounce it so it sounds like ‘mem’ (from mem-ory). First off, technically most of the sites here are not memes. The fact that most of these sites create new questions all the time removes the whole evolving viral concept of a […]