Watching the seeds bloom

488346823_d74fcb28ca_m1.jpgIt has been only three days since I attended a workshop with five of my teachers which was moderated by Will Richardson. Even though it is May and teachers are having to deal with not only their students during these last four weeks, but the weather in Chicago has been unbelievably nice, several of the teachers attending the conference have begun to implement the ideas that they learned in the workshop. It is truly exciting to watch.

You can begin to watch some of the following projects take root:488346449_678b09387e_m.jpg

A short-term result of your workshop can be found at: (8th Grade Humanities Wiki) (8th Grade Cultural Exchange Wiki – closed to all but participants) (AP US History Final Project – Digital Storytelling) (A new teacher blogger, who is trying to connect and develop students fiction writing skills)

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  1. Thank you for linking your blog to mine! Now I REALLY need to get some posts on it and get going. Remember that we wouldn’t all feel like even taking these risks if it weren’t for your support.

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