Off to NECC

It has been too long since I have gotten around to blogging. I have been tied up with many end of the year routines and summer and fall start up planning to keep up with my blog, as many of you have experienced. In addition to the normal routine (if they can be called that) set of tasks to be completed, I have had to pack up my office as I am moving, once again, to a new space. It is amazing how much clutter (and paper) you can accumulate in just two years. I also have been working on creating our Upper School (High School) timetable for the upcoming year. This has been a moving target, with changes in student requests, changes in personnel, and changes in the courses we are teaching. On a fun note, I have begun to play with twitter which has taken a bit of my time to work with.

I am wrapping up and packing for the National Educational Computer Conference (NECC) in Atlanta. I am really looking forward to participating, both at the conference and at EduBloggerCon which will be held on Saturday. I look forward to meeting a number of virtual friends as well as making some new friends. I will be posting to this space during the five days of my visit. I also will be playing the role of a floor correspondent for Arvind Grover and Alex Ragone on the 21st Century Learning podcast on Tuesday. It should be hot times in Atlanta.

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