The Calm Before the Storm

Today is one of those interesting days on the calendar, especially for those of us on campus who spend nearly 12 months on campus, rather than the typical teacher’s ten month visit. Today is the day where the majority of the campus is away, squeezing in that last bit of vacation before the arrival of new faculty next week and all faculty the week following.

For me, it is a time to be able to work on projects with at a leisurely pace. My project for the day today is to back up all of my data onto the network, back up my outlook personal folders, and then migrate my information to my the new Tablet PC that I have been assigned.

One of my resolutions for the upcoming year is to make sure that I back up my local folders to the server more frequently than I am currently doing. As my IT Director reminded me two days ago,

” You are doing too many important things and are developing so many important documents for the projects that we are implementing that it would a shame for you to spend significantly more time recreating what is lost than it would take to restore the documents.”

This is advice that we usually all hear, nod our head and say, “yes, this is what I should do,” and then move onto the next task than devoting the time to making this happen.

So far, I am really loving my new Gateway e155 tablet computer. I love the size and weight of the new system. It just feels comfortable, both while using it to take notes and while using it as a laptop. I think that we have made a great decision in selecting this model for our initial roll-out of the tablets. I am also looking forward working with our teachers to develop new ways to implement this exciting new technology into their teaching.

Migrating to a new system is always a challenge. I have spent two years tweaking and modifying my old laptop so that it would work just so. I dread the time researching all of the different applications and firefox mods that I have installed. This will take a couple of weeks to make sure that I have gotten everything just the way I want it. And I am going to have to do this during the busy and hectic first few weeks of school. What a challenge I have before me.

My data just finished copying to the server, so it is time to take the next step and copy the data to my new computer and begin configuring.

3 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Kern,

    Thanks for the tips. I was not aware of Google Browser Sync. This will make life easier. I have looked at, but with my pictures, audio files, and video, I was 15+ Gb to back up.

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