K12 Online Conference Nearly Over

In what seems to be the fastest three weeks that I can remember, the K12 Online Conference is nearly complete. There are only four presentations left to be posted and then When Night Falls begins. Then the conversation continues, but outside the narrow window of the conference.

The challenge remains on how we as individuals are going to sustain the momentum and continue the conversations, sharing our experiences, successes, and identifying our obstacles.

For me, it has been a great experience. I am gathering my reflections both on creating my presentation and on helping to organize When Night Falls. I have learned much from the process.

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One thought on “K12 Online Conference Nearly Over

  1. Vinnie–i just listened to your K12OL and MUST share that your story sounds a lot like mine! I’ve been to NECC at Philly, San Diego, and Atlanta, and seriously lurked thru skypchatters at this years BLC, and have discovered that I too can do this, can embrace it, and promote the educational value of web 2.0. I’m but a lone teacher-librarian, but I figure I can model many of the apps in instructional settings with and for bot students and teachers. Loved the brown bag lunch idea. I too attended EdubloggerCon at NECC, and felt such elation at meeting folks I’d been following for roughly a year or more. I was so star-struck, at times I felt speechless. It was such a wonderful experience w/o a single ppt. Thanks for sharing your story.

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