Multi-faceted Refractions – The Greatest Hits

Since I was on hiatus from blogging, I missed the 1st anniversary of my committing the the process of blogging. It has been an interesting journey.  Developing my inner voice has taken time to allow the style and rhythm to emerge. Like all creative artists, it is nice to look back and assemble a set of postings in a greatest hits package. Some of the selections were popular as decided by readership, some are selections which generated the greatest amount of conversation after the fact. And there are nuggets which the artist loves which may have gotten buried at the […]

The Importance of Sharing Our Passions

When someone asks me, “Why do you waste your time blogging? How do you know if anyone is reading what you are writing and if they really care?”, I was not sure that I always have a great answer. I know that the process of writing provides an opportunity for me to reflect and forge the fragments of thought into a solid idea. This is a process solely for me and not necessarily meant for others. While this may be helpful to others who are working through similar problems and projects to help shape their ideas and solutions for their […]