Surviving NECC, pt. 2

In my last post, I shared my strategies for surviving NECC from a professional standpoint, that fact that you need to be willing to take risks and connect with others, for we have much to learn from one another. Today, I want to focus on the other aspects that I feel are important to survive NECC.

Fruits and Vegetables – One has to pay attention to making sure that you get proper nurishment, including fruits and vegetables. Too many fast foods will tire you out.

Exercise – I find that a good walk to and from the convention center to my hotel, even though there are shuttles, clears my mind and allows me to have some quiet, substained thinking.

Cherish people – engage in conversations. The synchronous feedback that thinking and debating with great thinkers helps me learn professionally and grow.

I hope to see connect and converse with you at the conference.

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One thought on “Surviving NECC, pt. 2

  1. Would definitely agree, Vinnie. When I was at NECC in San Diego, all there was to eat in the conference itself was cakes and other rubbish. I started to take fruit and bagels with me from hotel. Last year it was much better.

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