Upon Further Reflection – Laptop Institute Opening Keynote

Yesterday, not wanting my computer to get in the way of meeting old and new friends at the Laptop Institute, I decided to tweet it out using my good old “dumb’ phone as my input device. As far as keynotes go, this one did not rate in the upper half of those that I have seen at the variety of conferences that I have attended. At the time, I was finding it hard to pay attention to the message. It was not compelling or sticky, definately not the standard that Will Richardson and Ian Jukes set at last year’s conference.

But upon reviewing the message and reading the replies of those of you who are in my network, I realized that there were some nuggets which one could find in the message yesterday. When you strip away the presentation style and the supplimental PowerPoint, there were some points and questions that I do feel need reflection.

I will continue to let the ideas perculate and report later on what those questions are and also my feelings on them in the next few days. Today, I sit ready to learn, to meet colleagues new and old, who will help me find success on the goals set forth for this year. Oh, yeah, I have failed to communicate those as well. Guess I have a lot of writing to do and ideas to share.

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2 thoughts on “Upon Further Reflection – Laptop Institute Opening Keynote

  1. Absolutely, there were some key nuggets in there. Unfortunately, the issues with the presentation itself distracted from the message. All in all, rather disjointed…

  2. I was following your tweets last night as I was setting up my mom with a new blog. Those were all from a phone? To quote George Harrison you must have “blisters on me fingers!”

    It sounded at the time that the speaker was not the best, but I’m curious what some of the pondering points were.

    For example, what is a millineal? I looked it up but couldn’t find anything useful. And what prompted the question “what can and should exist?”

    Hope today’s stuff goes well!

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