Enjoying My Free Gift from Starbucks

Today, I began enjoying my teacher’s appreciation gift from Starbucks Coffee. From Starbuck’s Ideas in Action Blog:

It’s not an apple to welcome teachers back to school, but a cup of coffee.  In recognition of teachers, Starbucks is offering school teachers, grades K-12 a complimentary tall cup of brewed coffee on Mondays during the month of September.  Bring in your teacher identification to any Starbucks.  We appreciate the many ideas you’ve shared on MSI to recognize the wonderful work of teachers.

I am not a coffee drinker. I have been fortunate that my local Starbucks have been allowing me to get a free cup of tea. Living in the Chicago area, I stopped on my way to school, after-school, and during my evening errands. What a pleasant way to begin the year.

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