Digital Story Telling at North Shore

This is an article that I was asked to write which was sent to the parents and friends of the school:

A students learning to write and speak has been one of the hallmarks of a North Shore education. Over the past fifty year, transmission of ideas has shifted to include more visual information, including pictures, images, movies, and videos. Over the past four years, we have made a concerted effort to develop a student’s visual literacy not only as a consumer, able to properly decode and interpret the information being consumed, but also as creators of new digital stories to share understanding and new ideas.

Students, from Senior Kindergarten through 12th Grade have been creating  digital stories as part of the their curriculum. In each of these cases, students are asked to answer a question. Students then are challenged to create a narrative that will answer that question by transferring their own passion and emotion. After planning using a script or a story-board, students then assemble the images, movies, music, and text that they will need to be able to create and craft their story. Through this process, they are learning to develop this aspect of their voice.

Amy Kenyon, third grade teacher, and I recently showed highlights of several of the projects at the Illinois Computer Educators conference last week in St. Charles, IL.  These projects include:

First Grade – Community Unit
North Shore

Third Grade
Classroom of the Mysteries
Colonial America

Eleventh Grade
13 Days that Changed American History
What Did Vietnam Mean?

There are several other stories in process, especially in the Middle School, that are not quite ready for public viewing.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. I am sorry I missed your presentation @ICE. I am curious about the third grade project. Did you provide the pictures or did the students search? I would have the same question for the MS projects you are working on. Sometimes it seems so much time ican be wasted in the search process by certain individuals. , at least in school . Do you have them search @home and then send to themselves? I am trying to figure out an efficient way to make this work when access to cpmuters is not always easy.

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