The Power of Audience – Diversity Day Update

Nearly one month ago, we put aside the normal timetable in our high school for a special day of programming, Diversity Day. Diversity Day is a student organized and executed day which we explore various aspects of different topics. This year’s Diversity Day theme was Pluralism in Storytelling. As faculty members, we were asked to propose a workshop session for the day. This year, eighteen students and I talked about the power of audience. Due to the rapid changes in networked technology,it has become easier now for a story to spread world wide. Because of: the power of connections in […]

Clarification about My Wife

My wife has asked me to make a clarification. As a classically trained pianist, she wants my readers to know she knows how to read music. In fact, her sight-reading is quite excellent. My comments were focused more on the memorization of the music. Sorry for any misunderstanding.