It pleases me when students (and teachers are learners) are introduced to a skill and then apply it to some other aspect of this life.

Last year, it was following up with one student, a junior, who took the skills learned from our audio found poem project to begin a weekly podcast with a friend. Going through the experience in class opened a new world to him. This has led to several additional conversations including those about creating a feed and  how to get the podcast listed on iTunes.

On Friday, a second student asked if I had a few minutes to help her. In her Latin America class, she is experiencing blogging. The teacher in this class has pushed himself to learn and explore and created an RSS widget for the class blog. She was working on another project in another class and she wanted to review the steps to replicate adding an RSS feed for her other blog. I showed her how to identify the feed URL and how the Blogger widget and then watched, with pride, as she created her own RSS feed on her blog. This then led to questions about creating pages on the blog and the exploration and further enhancement of what she is now able to share.

There are days like this when it is so much fun to be there able to coach, guide, and teach.

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