60 Days with my iPad – My Must Have Apps

I now have had a chance to get beyond the honeymoon period using the iPad which I picked up on April 3rd. While it is noted that the iPad does not have the same functionality as a netbook or my tablet pc, nevertheless, it has transformed my how I use technology In my life. Rarely do I pull the laptop out of my case when I get home from school, unless there is a project which requires significant use of a keyboard. I am able to simply open my iPad and consume the media that I need to, with some […]


Over the past 18 months, we have been prepping for a renovation of our high school. Beginning with a summit meant to expand our thinking, I have been a member of a focus group which has worked with the design team to provide feedback on both the interior and exterior spaces. This past weekend, we spent the time removing all of the hardware, printers, switches, and ceiling mounted projectors which were in the current high school. Today, movers are hauling the contents of the classrooms and the administrative offices into modular classrooms which have been added to the campus since […]