NAIS – Connections

A funny thing happened when I was at the bar… I was unwinding after my session, visiting with my friend arvind grover. He introduced me to his former Head of School. All of the sudden, a gentleman comes up to me, shows me his phone  and says, “I couldn’t help over hearing you. I was just reading your tweets from the sessions.” The power of connections.

NAIS Workshop – Creating Connected Teachers

I have recently completed my presentation, Creating Connected Teachers, along with Peter Gow, Jason Ramsden, Demetri Orlando, Sarah Hanawald, and Derrick Willard at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference. All and all, I am pleased about the way that the presentation went, but I think that there are areas which we could improve. Focus less on tools and more on how the tools have changed peoples lives. More personal anecdotes so that people connect with passion and emotion. Focus more on group conversation. We had planned this, but a 60 minute session turned into 90 minutes, so something had to be cut. More concrete ideas […]

NAIS -Low Tech

We utilized a low tech method of capturing where participants comfort with collaborative tools. A great conversation starter to connect individuals. One goal achieved for our workshop, connecting folks. Posted via email from Vinnie’s posterous

Breaking the Mold

After a really late arrival, I got up to have a pre-workshop run through with our team of presenters for “Creating Connected Teachers”. When my co-facilitators arrived in the room, there were rows and rows of chairs. This is a physical space which is not conducive for 30+ leaders and administers to learn and connect in the 21st Century. So after a bit of labor, we created a space better suited for our journey today. Posted via email from Vinnie’s posterous