Google App Template and Script for Project Management

I have been given responsibility to manage a number of our upcoming summer projects. I know that in terms of keeping track of complex projects like these, being as anal-retentive as I am and enjoying a visual representation of what is going on, I love to create and use Gantt charts. In the past, I have used an Excel extension to manage projects like these.

Since I have moved to Google Apps and loving the collaborative nature of Google Sheets, I wondered if there was an App Script that would enable me to have this functionality. In the Script Gallery, I found one from Forscale ( that looked like what I wanted, but the documentation was in Dutch. I did open the pages in Chrome and translated them, then clipped the pages to Evernote, but the template was in Dutch and I felt lazy and did not feel like drudging through the scripts to find the code to change the formatting (date and currency) and names of the document.

After emailing the authors of the script, I found out that there was an English version of the template and script available. After downloading and using it for part of the day, I know that this will be an indispensable tool for me and my team. Not only can I create tasks, shift dates, it automatically creates the Gantt chart I was looking for. It is easy to use and very functional. As part of Google Sheets, I was able to share it with my team for viewing.

So, if you need to plan and organize a project, or know someone who needs to and you use Google Apps, I would highly recommend this script. And contribute to the author as well while you are at it. It is well worth the price.

2 thoughts on “Google App Template and Script for Project Management

  1. I am using ForScale ProjectWeb for several collaboration teams.

    Very simple to use. Just the right level of functionality to allow team members with limited interest in project management to update their own tasks. Very clever implementation of many features.

    Thank you. Donate ! Dave in California

  2. Interesting. I will have to try to it out.

    Last week I was looking for a app script to generate visual timeline using Google Chart APIs with data from a Google Spreadsheet. But couldn’t find anything. There are several javascripts that will do that, but no pure Google Apps Script. I hope these forscale guys add that functionality soon! :)


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