What a Long, Strange Trip It Is

Today is day 363 of the metamorphosis of my professional career. It has been  a crazy, wonderful, chaotic, exhilarating journey indeed, culminating in opportunities to share at a variety of different locations across the country.

We have had students present and created a pop-up Makerspace at two sites of the Students Involved in Technology (SIT) Conference, the chance to work with teachers in a 6 hour hands-on workshop on Makerspaces and the Maker Movement at the Illinois Computer Educators (ICE) Conference, travel to Orlando to do a 3 hour workshop on Makerspaces and the Maker Movement at the National Association of Independent School (NAIS) Annual Conference, and a one hour presentation on Teaching Empathy: Cultivating Communities of Kindness in a Digital Age.

Over the next few days, I hope to release my reflections on each of these experiences as well as some of the resources I have shared.

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