Looking Forward to IL-TCE

This morning, I was trying to remember how many times I have attended the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators (IL-TCE). I know that I attended at least six of them as a part of the Video Etc., Education Alliance, Advanced Technology Workgroup teams, plus twelve out of the last fifteen years that I have been here at North Shore. I am figuring that it is at least 18 or 19 years. This year, however, will be special. I am participating as a Spotlight Speaker. My topics this year are “Personal Learning Networks – Engaging the Adult Members of Your Community” […]

Life-Long Learning and a Test

Twice a year, the IT Directors and the Technology Coordinators in the Independent Schools of the Lake Michigan Area (LMAIS), whose membership is schools in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, get together and meet. We hosted the last meeting in October and one of the items that we talked about was to create a workspace for other technology leaders in their schools to play around with. One of those spaces that we decided to test and try was ELGG. Chris Butera, the Director of Technology at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School offered to take the lead in this project. I […]

My IL-TCE Experience – More Measured, but a New Path Emerges

Yesterday, I spent the day traveling to the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators. While driving, I was trying to determine the number of times I have been to the conference. I came up with the number 20, as I was on the vendor floor for at least seven and as a school employed attendee the 13 of the past 14. I always enjoy my day at the conference, listening to wonderful presentations and catching up with friends, both new and old, in meet space. Driving home last night, I was processing about all of the new information that I gathered. […]

The Five Technologies for the Next Five Years

David Pogue,New York Times Technology Writer Featured Speaker Illinois Technology Conference for Educators <These are notes from the presentation and are not the reflections and ruminations. These, I will post within the week> These are five broader technologies which will cause serious societal shifts. Voice Over IP (VOIP) Internet Telephone. Phone Company not involved – $20 per month for calls anywhere Need Broadband connection No taxes or fees. Federal Government hasn’t found out Carry your number. It doesn’t matter where you are. Geography does not matter. Will give you second number in area code that you want. Every feature know […]

I have become that person

After years of attending conferences, armed with an open mind, a blank notebook, and a good pen, because I did not want the technology to get in way of the thinking and pondering I would often do during presentations, I have become the person who sits with laptop balanced precariously on my lap, with my iRiver t10 recorder around my neck capturing the precious thoughts, blogging the notes for all to have access to. I am now sitting and waiting for David Pogue to talk about the five technologies for the next five years at the Illinois Technology Conference for […]