Honored to be in the Team Picture

It was last Saturday, that I recieved a message from Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, that a proposal that I created for the K12 Online Conference was accepeted. I am honored that I was selected for this conference. As many of you will soon learn, it was one of the catalysts for my own professional learning. Looking at the lineup of presenters, I have to pinch myself. I look forward to experience. Technorati Tags: k12online02 k12online2007

Watching the seeds bloom

It has been only three days since I attended a workshop with five of my teachers which was moderated by Will Richardson. Even though it is May and teachers are having to deal with not only their students during these last four weeks, but the weather in Chicago has been unbelievably nice, several of the teachers attending the conference have begun to implement the ideas that they learned in the workshop. It is truly exciting to watch. You can begin to watch some of the following projects take root: A short-term result of your workshop can be found at: http://nscolorsofthemountian.wikispaces.com […]

A Sense of Pride and Satisfaction

As someone whose mission is to empower others so that they feel comfortable integrating technology on their own, it is gratifying when teachers and students begin to think of ways that they can utilize the tools and then do so on their own. Today, I had one of those experiences. Kevin Randolph (krandolph@nscds.org), one of our history teachers whom I have been collaborating with on a variety of different projects, sent me this email last Friday: <a student who struggles>……yes <student name>, wondered in class Tuesday if we could create a folder where students (in their class) could share information […]