The Accelerating Pace of Change

It is funny how much difference three or four years make. That is when I started providing awareness of Moodle as a course management system to our high school teachers during our technology professional development meetings. At the time, faculty just didn’t get it. Eventually, I got one teacher to pilot using Moodle in her classroom. From her success, it began to slowly spread from teacher to teacher, in a geometric growth. Fast forward to today. We have just completed our first day of classes and we have many teachers who are pushing to have access to their Moodle course […]

Internet Safety – Message Delivered

On Monday, September 10th, I had the opportunity to deliver my message that I had crafted on Internet Safety to our high school students. (Notes on the genesis of the new message). Unbeknown to me was that I had chosen to use a similar strategy to deliver the message¬† as other great people, such as Clarence Fisher (Remote Access – Internet Safety) and Christopher Sessums (Christopher D. Sessums :: Weblog -Teachable Moment: Cyberbullying) elected to use, as shared by Jeff Utecht (The Thinking Stick – Online Safety -Videos that get ’em). I tried to capture the conversation on my digital […]