Google Announces New Application – Presentation

Today, Google released a new collaborative tool , Google Presentation, to round out its suite of products. During our Lower School and Middle School opening Faculty Meetings, I showed teachers Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets which can be used by students as substitutes for Microsoft Word and Excel. These are tools that would allow students to work via a web browser, which would allow for students to work both at home and school without the need to have the application on either computer or emailing work back and forth. It also would allow for students to collaborate on documents together, […]

Learning 2.0 Conference – Collaboration Ideas

As I noted earlier this week, I spent a part of my weekend following the thoughts and ideas being shared at the Learning 2.0 Conference in Shanghai. Since then, several of the participants have taken the time to reflect and share their ideas and thoughts via their blog posts and podcasts of the sessions. This morning, while reviewing my RSS reader this morning, I found a post from Kim Cofino, who is a 21st Century Literacy Specialist at the International School in Bangkok, Thailand.  In her post today, 20 Project Ideas Inspired by Learning 2.0, she outlines many great global […]

Teachers Are Found Everywhere – Learning From Students

When we think of teachers, we often think of the adults in learning community. However, we should never discount what we can learn from our students. Today, while speaking to a senior about an issue unrelated to technology, I noticed that he was using a web tool that I was unaware of, Flashcard Exchange ( He had created a set of flashcards to review for a class of his. What was interesting about this site, as I began to poke around, is that you could create tags for the flashcard sets. This ability to tag your sets allows for others […]