Learning 2.0 Conference – Collaboration Ideas

As I noted earlier this week, I spent a part of my weekend following the thoughts and ideas being shared at the Learning 2.0 Conference in Shanghai. Since then, several of the participants have taken the time to reflect and share their ideas and thoughts via their blog posts and podcasts of the sessions.

This morning, while reviewing my RSS reader this morning, I found a post from Kim Cofino, who is a 21st Century Literacy Specialist at the International School in Bangkok, Thailand.  In her post today, 20 Project Ideas Inspired by Learning 2.0, she outlines many great global project ideas that she was brainstormed with other teachers both at the conference and virtually.

With our goal at school to have our students to become more active and participating global citizens, I am hopeful our teacher will take a look at some of these opportunities to allow our students to connect with others. I look forward to sharing these projects.

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One thought on “Learning 2.0 Conference – Collaboration Ideas

  1. I would love to connect with your teachers Vinnie! Thanks for sharing my ideas :) Please feel free to pass along my contact info to anyone who’s interested.

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