Teachers Are Found Everywhere – Learning From Students

When we think of teachers, we often think of the adults in learning community. However, we should never discount what we can learn from our students. Today, while speaking to a senior about an issue unrelated to technology, I noticed that he was using a web tool that I was unaware of, Flashcard Exchange (www.flashcardexchange.com). He had created a set of flashcards to review for a class of his. What was interesting about this site, as I began to poke around, is that you could create tags for the flashcard sets. This ability to tag your sets allows for others […]

Learning 2.0 – My personal experiences

Over the past 36 hours, I have had several profound learning experiences. First, I have been trying to experience as much of the Learning 2.0 conference which was going on in Shanghai on both Friday and Saturday evenings.  Like members of my learning community, Carolyn Foote, Jennifer Wagner, Clarence Fisher, and David Jakes, I have been trying to follow the forums on the Ning which has been set up at the conference, following the messages on twitter, and trying to catch rides in the Elluminate rooms so that I could connect and learn. On Saturday morning, after reading a twitter […]

Opportunities to Learn and Connect

With the advent of the Internet and the new tools which many of you have begun to be exposed to, there are a opportunities for you to learn about new technologies and to cultivate new relationships with people around the world. Many of these conferences allow for asynchronous communication, which means that you can download audio files and read transcripts or participate in threaded discussions when you have the time to do so. I am going to highlight two which are online and one which is a local, face-to-face experience. Learning 2.0 Conference – Shanghai, China Beginning Saturday at 9:00 […]

The Accelerating Pace of Change

It is funny how much difference three or four years make. That is when I started providing awareness of Moodle as a course management system to our high school teachers during our technology professional development meetings. At the time, faculty just didn’t get it. Eventually, I got one teacher to pilot using Moodle in her classroom. From her success, it began to slowly spread from teacher to teacher, in a geometric growth. Fast forward to today. We have just completed our first day of classes and we have many teachers who are pushing to have access to their Moodle course […]

Internet Safety – Message Delivered

On Monday, September 10th, I had the opportunity to deliver my message that I had crafted on Internet Safety to our high school students. (Notes on the genesis of the new message). Unbeknown to me was that I had chosen to use a similar strategy to deliver the message  as other great people, such as Clarence Fisher (Remote Access – Internet Safety) and Christopher Sessums (Christopher D. Sessums :: Weblog -Teachable Moment: Cyberbullying) elected to use, as shared by Jeff Utecht (The Thinking Stick – Online Safety -Videos that get ’em). I tried to capture the conversation on my digital […]