Looking Forward by Looking Back

Personally, for me, 2007 was a year full of professional and personal growth. I could not imagine today that I would have had the successes (and failures) that I did during the year. Just from sheer numbers, 115 post over the year meant that that on average, I wrote something once every three days. Even when you subtract the live blogging posts, this meant that I was reflecting and sharing at least once a week. I am amazed by this fact, as I have always found it difficult to write. Also, this practice is consistent with what we ask our students to do, to read and reflect. We do, however, need to challenge ourselves to write for world-wide audience and not be satisfied with simply those who are immediate in our lives.

It was my willingness to share my thoughts that have led to the wonderful opportunities that I got to explore. I was asked to present for Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach’s class (Vinnie’s Virtual Monday) , was asked to participate in Arvind Grover’s and Alex Ragone’s 21st Century Podcast three times (February 20th, June 26th, and October 31st), asked to participate in the conversation on Women of Web 2.0 (October 30th), was selected to present for the K12 Online Conference (Expanding Horizons – Engaging the Adults in your Community), and asked to chair the Live Events Committee of the Conference.

Through all of these experiences and my becoming an active participant in my own learning and within the networks which I am claiming membership, I have been able to expand my network, meet new and interesting people who challenge my thinking and help me learn each and every day.

I look forward to the challenges of 2008. I will be connecting useres at EduCon 2.0 and the Northern Illinois Computer Educators (NICE) Mini-Conference in January, presenting as a spotlight speaker. I have also received inquiries about other possibilities for the upcoming year and I am really looking forward to attend NECC.

So, for the rest of the week, I am sitting down to edit my three year plan, since so much has changed in my life. I am also working on the school’s three year plan and it will be interesting to see what they share in common, and where they may diverge.  I will be sharing the process along the way.

I hope that you all have a great 2008.

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