IL-TCE Digital Tools: The Sweet Spot in a 1 to 1 Environment

Karen Thompson

Live Blogged – forgive any awkward wording and mispellings

Springfield, IL
35 Schools – 1500 students

When came to technology – had passion and and wonder

Where are we going, what does it look like?

Rolled TV Rollout – showed students Comic Life, iTunes, GarageBand and cool multi-media tools from the start.

“Nothing could be more absurd than an experiment in which computers are placed in a classroom where nothing else has changed”

Seeking the sweet spot

Putting Skills together with Strengths with a mix of  Spark

Using Comic Life to use with experiment procedure.

Alphabet Book that kids put together

Last year, damage, more teachers than students had damage

Professional development is a huge aspect.

Look for the aha moments. Don’t have to change everything. But can set it on its edge slightly, through the use of videos. Let to greater engagement

Use GaggleNet to facilitate conversation over the weekend via forums. Shifts learning so that they can take greater control of their learning.  Share the environments and learning styles.

Each classroom has TV studio, beginnings of a Global Communication Center.

In PE, students created workout plans, with sound motions.

Students can create review files so that they can listed while on the bus, etc.

Wanted to create podcasts – 8 mins 2 science in new, 2 science in classroom, 2 science at home, 2 misc science

Week before Christmas, put students in team, each group creates a rap about the science topic. Two things happened. ALl students were engaged in creating their raps/projects. Week after Christmas break, played at Middle School Dance.

Carts in High School environment. Put together the visual.

Created books. Created videos about the distributive property works with 6th Grade boys.

Create Heroes videos to document. Sharing with community.

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