IL-TCE The Wrap Up

Well, the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators has now ended and I am back home. I am wiped out and exhausted. I am also exhilarated from all that I have learned. I want to thank the conference for inviting me to share during the conference. Sometime this weekend, I will share reflections from my sessions and reflections from my conference experience. But tonight, off to the opera to watch my daughter perform with the students at Northwestern University in a performance of A Midsummer’s Night Dream by Benjamin Britten. I hope I am able to stay awake for the performance. […]

IL-TCE Gift of Meaningful Contributions

From the Chatzy Room created for the purpose of sharing this site: vvrotny: Welcome to Tim Tyson’s first presentation vvrotny: Limited attendence – too bad Michelle from x.x.x.210 joined the chat 43 minutes ago Michelle: thanks vinny sharonp from x.x.x.33 joined the chat 42 minutes ago vvrotny: Lead off with the Phantom Tollbooth vvrotny: Scence with boy is is three feet up in air, grow downward so that feet touch the ground JenW from x.x.x.186 left this message 41 minutes ago: vvrotny: Milo grows up, changes perspectives, other boy always sees same vvrotny: At age 30 35, 40, 50 do […]