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vvrotny: Welcome to Tim Tyson’s first presentation
vvrotny: Limited attendence – too bad
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Michelle: thanks vinny
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vvrotny: Lead off with the Phantom Tollbooth
vvrotny: Scence with boy is is three feet up in air, grow downward so that feet touch the ground
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vvrotny: Milo grows up, changes perspectives, other boy always sees same
vvrotny: At age 30 35, 40, 50 do we see things in different ways?
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vvrotny: Grandmother, first principal in small town Ala, lived at the same time as Dewey, a man with “strange
ideas”. Didn’t change the way school is done. Now town is worse place to live
vvrotny: town gone downhill
vvrotny: Dewey – engaged in meaningful authentic tasks. Constructing artifacs that lead to usnderstanding
vvrotny: His question for teacher at Mabry – Who owns learning? Almost always is teacher
vvrotny: big challenge, get teachers to give up power
vvrotny: work, play, communicate, maintain relationships, conduct business, percieve lives has been
dramatically changed by technology
vvrotny: classrooms remain the same
vvrotny: What would you do differently if students really wanted to learn?
vvrotny: Students wanted to create content?
vvrotny: Make a real contribution?
vvrotny: School help them do that to help them in ways that are exciting and engaging
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vvrotny: student at a school where teachers were going to attend sought out Tyson’s web site and
communicated about how cool it would be.
JenW: Tim is where again??
vvrotny: students believe most of what goes on at school is irrelavnt to their future
vvrotny: I think Tim retired from his school in Mabry, Georgia. On the circuit now
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vvrotny: The is a time of metamorphis and transformation
vvrotny: times changing the destiny of civilization. We have chance to guide. School to be different
vvrotny: Passive compliance
vvrotny: students create something which is valued. Self directed learners
vvrotny: connectedness meaningfulness signifigance contribution. How do empower children
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vvrotny: example of student how wanted to come in on first day of summer vacation, to continue to work on
project he got an A on. Wanted to have global distribution through school, not via youTube without guidance
vvrotny: Tyson Convinced a new concept of childhood
vvrotny: when does meaningful start?
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vvrotny: Topics covered include:
vvrotny: Human Embriyonic Stem Cell Research
vvrotny: Commercialization of Drinking Water
vvrotny: Children’s Slave Labor on Ivory Coast
vvrotny: Saving lives in africa from Malaria
vvrotny: Poverty in China
vvrotny: Immaigration in the United States
vvrotny: projects done by 7th graders
vvrotny: It is all about relationships
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