Looking Forward to IL-TCE

This morning, I was trying to remember how many times I have attended the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators (IL-TCE). I know that I attended at least six of them as a part of the Video Etc., Education Alliance, Advanced Technology Workgroup teams, plus twelve out of the last fifteen years that I have been here at North Shore. I am figuring that it is at least 18 or 19 years. This year, however, will be special. I am participating as a Spotlight Speaker. My topics this year are “Personal Learning Networks – Engaging the Adult Members of Your Community” […]


Earlier this week, I received and email from the Google for Educators group that I belong to. In it, they introduced their Doodle4Google. Google is eventually going to award a student whose work is judged the best a $10,000 college scholarship and their school a $25,000 technology grant. The best 40 designs are going to be used by Google on their web site. Earlier this year, Google was encouraging students to work on several challenges, most of them documenting open source software. Complete three tasks, earn $100. Complete a certain number of projects and the student would earn to trip […]

A Gem of a Podcast

With a shift towards more instantaneous communications via twitter, it seems that blogs and podcasts seem to have fallen out of favor in the last few months. But for me, the art of reading fully developed thoughts, which are over 140 characters and the listening to conversations remains to be a way that I am able to think and create new thoughts and ideas to test out and implement in my life. Four weeks ago, a new podcast from an old friend appeared in my aggregator. This podcast, Shifting our Schools, really has caused me to stop, listen, and think […]