Watching the Dots Disappear

One of the sidebar tools that I have enjoyed watching is my ClustrMap. It was awe inspiring to watch the dots, each representing a user somewhere in the world, populate the map over the year. I watched in disbelief that anyone would be interested in what I would have to say.

Last week, I received a notice that from ClustrMaps stating that they were going to archive my current map and start with a new blank slate. So this morning, while checking out my site, I saw the nearly blank map.

Instead of being sad, I take this as a challenge to reflect and come up with new ideas that inspire others to want to return to this blog. This way, I do not become complacent. This will be an interesting challenge.

One thought on “Watching the Dots Disappear

  1. Hey Vinnie! Thanks for the details on the techstavaganza the other day. I’m working on a grant and using that concept. Here’s to hoping it’s funded. And for that, I think I’ll pop over here, comment, and give you a dot sure to grow representing Myrtle Beach, SC. Take care!

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