A Huge Thanks to the Conveners and Volunteers at K12Online

I want to thank the four conveners, Darren Kuropatwa, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Dean Shareski, and Wes Fryer, the 40 teams of presenters, and all of the unnamed volunteers who gave of their time and energy to put together the K12 Online Conference this year. While the conference has not ended yet (as of this posting), I know from my experience last year how much time, energy, and effort it requires to make this conference the success that it is.

In addition to the great content provided, the change I like most is the shift to a 20 minute maximum for each presentation. This made each conversation much more accessible and easily digested, while I drove around on errands, walked the dog, while reading or catching up on other work, or waiting for the kids. Each nugget was dense, rich, and filling.

I look forward to the conversation during the When Night Falls event which will be starting soon. If you have enjoyed the conversations during the conference, please consider volunteering to moderate an hour at this event, as there are still open slots through the 24 hour experience. No experience is necessary and there will be great mentors to help guide you. Give back to the community who made this possible for you.

I hope to catch you there.

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