The Whole World Will Be Watching

In this blog, I try to focus on technology and education. But for today, I would like to put this aside and talk about the country, politics, and the United States Election.

It was just over 40 years ago today, that our students and young people descended into Grant Park in Chicago, across from the Hilton Hotel, to hold a Festival of Life. Amidst an unpopular war, an economy that was soon to be challenged by foreign companies, the Democrats assembled in Chicago. What emerged was a splintering of the country, and a changing of the guard, from nearly forty years of Democratic majority and leadership in the United State to 40 years of Republican majority and leadership. What arguably the most lasting image from this time was the police assault in front of the Hilton Hotel. The entire event took place under the T.V. lights for seventeen minutes, live, with the crowd shouting, “The whole world is watching.”

Fast forward 40 years, 2 months, and 10 days. The whole world will be watching the same location, in Grant Park, across from the Hilton Hotel. Will this be the moment that the United States heals itself and comes back together? Will this mark the end of one era and the beginning of a new era, where the United States matures and takes the next step in the journey, part of a larger, inter-connected world? Will the youth of this nation begin to assume the leadership and begin to work together with all to develop solutions to the problems of the country and the world?

The parallels are eerie. I am fortunate enough to be able to attend the rally tonight and am very excited about being part of this potentially historic.

And I will be starting the chant in the crowd, “the whole world is watching”

One thought on “The Whole World Will Be Watching

  1. Vinnie… there aren’t many days I wish I could trade my Canadian citizenship for an American one, but today might be one of them.

    The opportunity to stand with the crowd and be part of a huge shift would be amazing. You will be part of history, my friend, in Chicago this evening. I will be thinking of you as I watch on TV from the north.

    I believe that an Obama presidency will bring the wonderful people of the United States back into the world community as a thoughtful, respected global leader with a broad world view, something that has been sorely lacking for the last 25 years.

    I am part of that world, and I WILL be watching!


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