Around the World in 140 Characters – A Diversity Day Proposal

Each year, we hold a Diversity Day for our students. This year’s Diversity Day is scheduled for March 17th and due to the current state of the economy, more teachers are being asked to develop workshop sessions for students rather than relying on outside resources. When asked, my thoughts turned to trying to demonstrate, via an experiment, the power of the network. How do some YouTube videos go viral? How did the rise of citizen journalism and communication tools such as Twitter, allow for the spreading of a story, such as the attacks on Mumbai? Below is the description of […]

Always Have a Plan B

Imagine trying to play a piano concerto with a piano which is being wheeled in and out and when it is there, it only has 47 keys. This is similar to what I experienced last Tuesday while trying to present a workshop at the ICE Conference. I am glad that I had a Plan B while presenting on Collaborative Learning Environments. Fortunately, I had Internet connectivity, but the participants did not, so I was able to demonstrate and lead discussion on how these tools could be used. Effective, but not at all what I had hope to accomplish in this […]

ICE Conference 2009 – A Great Conference

This past week, I had the good fortune of being asked to conduct a full day workshop and a presentation at the Illinois Computer Educator’s conference in St. Charles. I feel privileged to be honored to do so, as I feel that this conference is one of the best around the country. The quality of available speakers within a 40 mile radius of the conference site rivals that of any conference that I have been to. It includes folks such as (and not entirely inclusive, for I am sure that I will be missing someone) Charlene Chausis, David Jakes, Steve […]

Where O’ Where Has My Sunday Paper Gone?

I know I was not your typical teenager. Somehow, I developed a love of the Sunday newspaper, especially the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times. But it didn’t really matter, as long as it was a paper not from my hometown of Detroit. As Joe Jackson, one of my favorite singers during that time in my life, sang in the song “Sunday Papers” from the album Look Sharp in 1979, But every weekend through the door Come words of wisdom from the world outside Every Sunday, I would spend two – three hours reading the news of the world, […]