Podcast – danah boyd’s Social Media and Youth Culture: What Every Parent Should Know

On Wednesday, October 7th, the Family Awareness Network sponsored a presentation by danah boyd, entitled Social Media and Youth Culture: What Every Parent Should Know. ms. boyd has graciously allowed me to post this podcast for others to be able to access.

In this presentation, danah talks about how society has changed from one which children have the opportunity to roam with others out in the neighborhood to one which children are isolated, occasionally socializing in organized play-dates, organized sports, and often over-scheduled. Children just want to connect and socialize with each other. Into this void, youth are increasingly turning to electronic communication, via text messaging and internet based communication (IM, Facebook, mySpace) to provide an opportunity to replace these lost opportunities. danah explores how youth use social networks in a way and helps decode what students are doing.

danah boyd – Social Media and Youth Culture (October 7, 2009) [right-click to download]

Notes on the production of this podcast, the audio was captured on an 2nd Generation iPod Touch using Griffin’s iTalk app ($1.99). It was then downloaded using the Griffin’s iTalk Sync software, and then edited it using Audacity. Fina

My live-blog notes were posted on Wednesday evening.

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