Observations on My Use of Technology


Yesterday, while working at home, a realization crystallized for me. For 80% of what I do, I am working within two applications, my web browser and a twitter client. Nothing more, nothing less. This has occurred more significantly since we migrated to Google Apps for Education.

Occasionally, I will also use other applications. I do use a podcast client, Juice, connected to my iTunes library to fill my iPod with content. I do use Adobe PhotoShop once in awhile for photo manipulation. I use Audacity for audio editing. And yes, I am not able to break my Microsoft Office habit to do fine tuning of material I create in Google Apps. I still think that the formatting in Microsoft Office is far superior. But I am an advanced Office User, I have created several documents with multiple sections, glossaries, and other higher tools and have done significant data manipulation in Excel. But I am opening these applications less and less.

As I am due for a new system next fall, it begs the question, what type of system do I really need? Obviously, one with Internet connection and enough data storage for my audio, video, and pictures, but beyond that, I really don’t need much more. I am thinking that a netbook, or similar product, would enable me to do 90% of what I want to do. All I really need is a web browser to access email, Google Apps, iTunes, a podcatcher, an RSS reader, and access to web streaming to watch videos or an occasional television show. That’s all.

What about the other 10%? This could easily be solved by shared access to specialized systems to do the higher level work using more specialized software. That’s all.

It makes me wonder, if these Apple iSlate rumors are true, then I may be able to migrate to this device for 90% of my work. Hmm…

Addedum – after writing this, I “stumbled upon” the Kindle App for PC. The iPhone/iTouch versions of the software are already available. the Macintosh version is promised. Hmm… More thought for thinking, further cementing my ideas.

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  1. A little off topic, but why do you use Juice as a podcast client when you go through iTunes to transfer stuff to your iPod anyway? I’m guessing you’ve found some advantage worth the extra step.

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