Finding Time To Play

Yesterday, in my post about the lessons learned from the production of the Funky Snowman, I raised questions about how we can introduce “play” into the curriculum. I have been thinking about the last time that I felt that I was able to immerse myself within my own productivity. This occurred nearly two weeks ago on during a faculty work-day, when I was able to work on my own time free of the 45 minutes segments that a normal day brings. Also kicking around my mind are the ideas that I have gotten from reading the new Daniel Pink book, […]

Impressed by Posterous

At our NICE Mini-Conference and from my webcasting partner, Arvind Grover ( I became aware of I will admit that I have not spent as much time finishing blog posts as I have done in the past. There are several reasons for this. First, there have been many other aspects of my personal life which have required my attention. Secondly, I have a tenancy to write blog posts which I feel are much too long and detailed. I guess it is the function of my age, I want to fully describe what I am writing about. I have set up a […]

How Millennial Am I?

I scored 53/100 on the Pew Research Center How Millennial Are You? Quiz However, I would have scored a 72/100 if I hadn't watched various Olympic events for over an hour on my TiVo, including the Hockey tournament last evening. But while watching, I was composing a blog post and working on my presentation for the ICE conference, so I was multi-tasking. That makes a a Millennial, right? Score ranges:65+ (Silent) – 4/10045 – 65 (Baby Boomer) – 11/10045 – 30 (Gen X) – 33/10030 and Under (Millennial) – 73/100 As a Baby Boomer by chronology, I guess I […]