Giving Students Choice?

For the record, I believe that students should learn to develop their voice in the medium that is one of their strengths and most effectively tells communicates their story. While reading "Ten Tips for Personalized Learning" on the Edutopia Web site, I ran across the following paragraph:

3. Give Students Options

All students shouldn't be required to show their learning the same way. And digital media open up a host of possibilities beyond the traditional essay, poster, report, or quiz. For instance, fourth-grade teacher Kevin Durden gives kids additional choices, such as creating a PowerPoint slide show or a comic strip (using Comic Life software) or filming a skit (using Flip video cameras). "This way," says Durden, "you don't see the students' disabilities. You see their abilities." (Download sample rubrics from Forest Lake.)

My concern, however, is that if we don't challenge students to learn how a variety of tools and to work with them, they may not find the tool (movies, audio, text, pictures, song, sculpture) which most resonates with them. I do feel that there should be some skills building and exposure to a variety of tools, so that students can make the best choices.

So while giving students choice, we must also make sure that their tool box if full and they know how to use all of the tools so that they can demonstrate their learning in the medium of their strength.

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