Over the past two years, Alex Ragone and arvind grover asked me to become a part of their webcasting team, 21st Century Learning, where we have explored the intersection of learning and technology. As busy and as crazy as life has gotten, I have always cherished the opportunity to connect with these two good friends and a collection of great guests, to discuss a number of interesting topics. Although I am not always as prepared as I could be, I always try to bring a non-New York flavor to the show.

The show has allowed me to connect with a number of great teachers and administrators. For me, this has been some of the best professional development, as my relationships with the various guests have continued after each of the shows. Although I have enjoyed each of the 51 shows that I have been involved with, my personal favorites have been:

  1. With Kelly Hines, Meredith Stewart, and Bill Ferriter as the keynotes of the North Carolina Area Independent Schools (NCAIS) Innovate Conference
  2. With both Michael Horn and Curtis Johnson, authors of Disrupting Class
  3. With Pat Bassett, President of NAIS
  4. Disruptive Innovation and the Future of K12 with Scott McLeod
  5. Open Course Design with Alec Couros
  6. With Wendy Drexler on the Networked Student
  7. With Andrew Katz and Ken Hiat on Roxbury Latin’s Social Media Plan
  8. With Liz Davis on 1-1 Professional Development
  9. With Brad Rathgeber on the Online Girls Academy
  10. With David Bill reflecting on TEDxNYED
  11. With Jonathan Martin on Building the 21st Century School

There have been conversations with many other great people, Jason Ramsden, Fred Bartels, Demetri Orlando, Sarah Hanawald, Peter Gow, Chris Fitzgerald Walsh amongst others.

In the fall, check back and see what we have in store for you in the upcoming year. Today was the first week without webcasting and I already miss it.

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