NAIS Bound

This year, I am making my first trip to the National Association of Independent School Annual conference. While I have attended many other large conferences, such as ISTE/NECC, I am both nervous and excited.

I am nervous because I do not have a complete sense of the audience. I have attended regional conference, but this is the big leagues. I am co-leading a three hour workshop on how to incorporate the use of social media to enhance professional development. I was also invited to be one of the speed innovators. Thias presentation type is going to challenging for me, since I know I can be too word.10 minutes to discuss Google Apps for Education, a topic I have spoken for hours about.

I am also very excited to meet so many people who have inspired, guided, and mentioned me. I am not going to list anyone, since I don’t want to leave anyone out. This will be the first time we will be in the same space and time.

I am only sorry that this will be a quick trip and I will not be able to potentially catch up with everyone.

Tomorrow will come all too quickly.

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