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My name is Vinnie, I am 49, I love baseball and long walks on the beach.

One of the reasons I am attending NAIS for the first time this year was I was invited to participate in an experimental session type, Speed Innovation. During this session, attendees where able to pre-register for three 10 minute mini-sessions, just like speed dating. I had to prep for this 10 minute experience and repeat it three times.

My session was “Millions of Ideas in 600 Seconds:Google Apps in Your School.” In addition to the time limit, I had to present this session with only myatop, energy, and no internet access. To prep for this, I planned only 5 minutes of material knowing that I would go into the appropriate directions and easily fill the time.

I can say that the session, from my perspective, was a success. My table was filled for each of the three sessions, with additional people standing nearby. I heard from the organizer that I was bring it, amped energy for the full 10 minutes. I was able to hit my time within a few seconds.

As for the concept, I think that it worked well. It forced presenters to focus their messages and branding. Some suggested a longer time, but I don’t think that this is needed. Prep and focus were key, what were the three take-away. Similar to the elevator talk, we should be able to succinctly send our message. Like Pecha Kucha, this is a challenge all of us should engage in. Do a 10-18 minute presentation, like a TED talk or the like.

I hope that other large conference adopt a similar format.

For the record, my three take-away:

1. Google Apps fosters collaboration between students and teachers, both local and global.
2. Apps + Marketplace = Flexible, Adaptive Learning Environment.
3. You own your data, not Google.

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