Passion Based Learning – Going off the Grid

I am fortunate. This year, I am a recipient of a Parents Association grant. My grant will enable me to travel to a place that I have never been and have always wanted to go to, Cooperstown, New York. Many of you may not know that I am a huge baseball fan and amateur baseball historian. So for me, this will be a trip to Nirvana.

I am blessed that I will be able to share this trip with my family. As such, this next week will be a week that I am primarily off of the grid. Very limited tweeting. Extremely limited email. Little to no blogging. Not that I won’t be writing posts, it is just that they will not be published while I am gone.

Instead, it will be time to road trip with my family, playing card games, engaging in conversations, and pursuing my passion. Not only will I go to the Hall of Fame, but I am planning on spending time at the National Baseball Library as well. For me, pure indulgence, pure heaven. And maybe on the way home, a side trip to Cedar Point for thrills, excitement, and family bonding time.

I am thankful that the Parent’s Association at my school provides this funding annually for faculty and staff to apply for. Each year, four to five experiences are awarded. This year, other recipients have traveled to Nicaragua for immersion in Spanish and to do service, a Broadway theater workshop. A past library assistant once got funding to attend the Skip Barber School of Racing. Our school encourages us to explore our passions in addition to our other responsibilities. I am glad that they not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

See you in a weeks time.

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