Benefits of Unplugging

Yesterday, I returned home from a family vacation. 2000 miles, just the four of us. As I return home and begin to plug back into work and the network, I am realizing the benefits of a virtually technology-free time away from the daily grind.

Unplugging allowed my thoughts to wander. After the first two days of withdrawal,  I became less anxious. I didn’t have to compelled to check email. Upon my return, I went through the essential work email, deleting and archiving away. I simply selected the 100+ emails in my personal email and archived them. If there is something important, it will find its way back to me.

I sent only one tweet. Created one Facebook post.

I am feeling refreshed after enjoying the beauty driving the country roads in the Catskill Mountains. I am ready to tackle the challenges of the upcoming school year, the focus of a future post.

The next three weeks will be challenging. Distributing new Tablet PCs to our Middle and Upper School faculties. Orienting them to the shift from Windows XP to Windows 7. Getting Upper School faculty ready for their new learning studios and their new capabilities. Completing our new electronic professional learning community. Finishing building the new reservation system for our new teaching spaces. Welcoming and orienting new faculty to the capabilities of the our teaching environment.

I think that everyone should walk away from technology for a 4-7 days periodically. Get back and find the joy. The members of your PLN will be there to welcome you back.

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