Does It Matter How Information is Accessed?

Each year, I oftentimes struggle to get my daughter to “get excited” and complete her summer reading assignments from school in a timely manner. Both to alleviate the stress around the completion of these assignments, which can potentially ruin a wonderful Labor Day weekend, but also to enable her to read deeply, not just skimming the book in order to complete the assignment.

This year, I am trying something new. I bought her the physical book in June, just like I have done every summer in the past. And true to form, whenever I ask her about her progress, I get “the look” and a less than enthusiastic response.

This year I was able to download one of the books for a two-week loan period from my public library onto my Kindle., the one she got me for my birthday. Lo and behold, she is now reading the book. As of this morning, she had completed nearly half of the reading and now checking in this afternoon, she has read another large chunk of the book. One of the great advantages of the Kindle, if I load the same book on my iPad, it will ask if I want to advance to where she is so I can track her reading without having to ask.

You wouldn’t think it would make a difference, reading a physical book or a eReader. But for many in the younger generation, the cool factor of the Kindle may provide a hook to help them get excited about reading. Earlier this year, I bought her a book and she devoured it, when if given the physical book, it may have taken her longer.

Should it matter whether they read a eReader version or a physical book? Isn’t the purpose to give individuals the choice on how they access the material?

So yes, I just purchased the second book she needs to read for the Kindle. Maybe, just maybe, it will lead to a stress-free end of summer.

One thought on “Does It Matter How Information is Accessed?

  1. Giggling at the thought of “stealth Dad” checking up on his daughter’s progress reading Kindle book. When I showed this same ‘trick’ to parents of students in my Reading Class (glorified Study Hall) many seized upon it.

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