End of a Long Training Week

It is Thursday, late afternoon, and we have nearly completed our first full week of teachers meetings. This year, I had the opportunity to share new tools with each of our three divisions (Elementary, Middle, and High School) in sessions that I found very engaging, but exhausting. I am exhilarated each time that I present to each of these groups as the teachers are fresh from summer vacation and classes have not begun. They are enthusiastic about their own learning and they are open to discussing and thinking about how to utilize the new tools to enhance their curriculum. From the follow-up conversations that I have had after each of these meetings, I can tell that this is going to be a fantastic year, albeit a very busy one as I help provide the tools and support continued learning for these new tools.

On Friday, we have a training on transitioning from laptops to tablets which is being done by an outside trainer. I look forward to learning, rather than teaching. It will be a refreshing change.

Via my Twitter network, I am also trying to catch up on other’s training efforts. Those which I have had a chance to start to view have been excellent and has motivate and inspired me to a higher level. I want to thank all who have been sharing their experiences.

I also have had many new thoughts and ideas, which I have not had a chance to fully think through. I have started four new posts, which remain unpolished and I will try to do so over the next week. It is great to be back in school.

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