I Have Started a New Blog

One of the items that I was beginning to struggle with on this blog was that of voice and audience. I wanted to do a number of different posts, talking about new tools and projects that I find, talking about projects that I am assisting with, and discussions about the role of “embedding” technology (thanks Jeff Utecht) into our curriculum.

In order to keep a more consistent voice, I have spun off my discussions about new tools and projects to a new blog that I have created, Mining for Treasures. In this new blog, I intend on sharing the nuggets that I find that I think that my faculty, staff, and other teachers would find helpful in their daily practice. It is my goal to highlight one new tool, web site, or project each school day, creating a library of items that I feel would be helpful for teachers in the classroom.

My first post is about the Research Project Calculator, a new tool that helps plan for long-range papers, PowerPoint, and video projects.

I hope that you will come and visit the new site and feel free to make suggestion for future stories.

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