Twitter Updates for 2008-05-16

Relaxing after a long day. Working on two new blog posts, after our visit from Greg Mortenson yesterday. # A great visual, most teachers and students wearing the uniform (sneakers, blue jeans, white shirt) of physics teacher who is retiring #

13 Days Project – Determining the List

[Warning – a long post describing an exhilarating process] The Background I have the pleasure of working with our AP US History teacher, Kevin Randolph, and the students on their final project of the year. I am really excited about this process because it will allow Kevin and I to model and participate in an experience which I believe highlights the tenants and philosophies of what a 21st Century classroom should look like. This experience will allow Kevin, the students, and I to collaborate and share our knowledge as we construct an artifact which is a culminating examination as historians. […]

The Ultimate Honoring of a Colleague

One of aspect of our school that we cherish is our sense of community. On Friday, May 16th, we had a wonderful example of how this manifests itself with the honoring of our physics teacher, Eric Skalinder, who will be retiring at the end of the year. Today was the last day that our seniors would be on campus before scattering off to complete their senior service projects and it was a fitting tribute. Our dean of students and Biology teacher, Jeff Terwin, sent out an email last week asking all faculty to dress in the “Skalinder uniform”. This consists […]

Watching the Dots Disappear

One of the sidebar tools that I have enjoyed watching is my ClustrMap. It was awe inspiring to watch the dots, each representing a user somewhere in the world, populate the map over the year. I watched in disbelief that anyone would be interested in what I would have to say. Last week, I received a notice that from ClustrMaps stating that they were going to archive my current map and start with a new blank slate. So this morning, while checking out my site, I saw the nearly blank map. Instead of being sad, I take this as a […]

We All Have Songs, We All Have Stories

Each year, Rives Collins, an associate professor at Northwestern and Master storyteller, and Julie Shannon, a composer, lyricist, and creator of the Christmas Schooner, arrive on campus to share their stories and songs with our Lower School students. As a school, we are steeped with a great tradition of motivating students to create stories. It is in May that we take the time to share the stories that we have created with others. Each of these events and projects t is deserving of reflection. Just this week, we had: Senior Government presentations about emergency procedures Senior Psychology class reflections on […]