Framework for 21st Century Learning – My Version

I had an epiphany. The framework for 21st Century Learning can be stated very simply and elegantly.

Learners in the 21st Century need to:

To begin, we have to agree with others that there is a problem and what the problem is.

To solve the problem identified, we had to decide in consultation with others what we feel is the  right question.

Once the right question is identified, a solution needs to be determined. Learners will collaborate with others whose thinking is different than theirs, to make sure that they are pushed to their solution.

Once a solution has been determined, it has to be applied and tested to make sure that it solves the problem.

If it works great, onward to the next problem. If not, we need to go back and see if we were asking the right question, or if we got the best solution in the first place. We go back and modify and start over again.

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