The Community Rallies

snow_dayI have come to rely on my extended learning community. It never fails that someone is always comes to my aid and helps me brainstorm, solve a problem, or point me in a direction I may or may not have known about when I started.

Today, in the Chicago area, we experienced our third largest snowfall in history. We recently moved to a new home in the fall. What shocked me was the sense of community on my street. All of my new neighbors were out, each helping each other shoveling the 18-24″ drifts that were deposited. Finish your drive, then go to the next one and start helping.

A group of us helped a 79 year old neighbor get is car, which was stuck in his driveway, back in his garage.

It is such a great feeling when everyone, both face to face and virtual, pitches in to help. The amplification effect ripples in positive ways.

For the first time that I can remember, a second consecutive snow day. Hoping to get some reading, writing, and reflecting done.

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One thought on “The Community Rallies

  1. Thanks for the post, Vinnie. It reminds us all that together is better. The ripple of people helping each other is one of our small (or big) treasures in life.

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